McFarland Clinic - North Ames Office

McFarland Clinic - North Ames Office
Ames, IA
Completion Date
August 01, 2010
Project Size
15,600 sf
The 15,600 square foot Family Medicine Clinic for McFarland Clinic was completed in early August in Ames, Iowa. The building was designed to house the practices of six physicians, multiple physical therapists and sports medicine professionals and medical support staff.

Project Description

Reception Desk

General Clinic, Lab and Radiology spaces are contained on the first floor, while the clinic's renowned sports medicine and physical therapy practice functions out of the lower level space.

A light well on the south side of the building is positioned to flood the lower level with natural light which creates a comfortable atmosphere for patients and staff.

Computer generated exterior and interior views of the planned facility helped facilitate discussion of the proposed design.  Discussions on building form, exam room layout and reception desk design were reviewed quickly which helped keep the design schedule on track.

Physical Therapy






Exterior South Render