Wolfe Clinic

Wolfe Clinic
Ames, Iowa
Completion Date
December 15, 2001
Project Size
12,970 sf
This new Wolfe Clinic office building in Ames consists of nearly 13,000 square feet of office space and associated site improvements.  The facility houses four full time eye care professionals with space for additional visiting specialist physicians who are on site weekly.

Project Description


A surgery suite is provided for minor eye surgery, as well as numerous testing rooms.  An area for retail sales of eye wear is incorporated into the clinic waiting room.

This project was developed on a fast track schedule with total design and construction accomplished in just over 1 year.  The building was delivered under a Design/Build contract in conjunction with a local contractor selected by Wolfe Clinic.

Initial construction documents were issued for the shell of the building and the related site improvements and a second set of documents covering interior development was issued after the shell was under construction.


The building consists of a concrete foundation with steel structure and a brick and stone veneer exterior wall.

Several different interior and exterior alternatives were studied with the use of computer generated three-dimensional models.  Clinic physicians and staff were then able to better visualize the completed project and make informed decisions regarding exterior colors and materials and interior ceiling treatments and lighting effects in the main waiting areas.