McFarland Clinic- West Ames

McFarland Clinic- West Ames
Ames, Iowa
Completion Date
December 01, 1998
Project Size
38,720 sf
This project involved the adaptive reuse of an existing grocery store into a multi-specialty medical clinic.  The project was designed in two phases comprising nearly 40,000 square feet.

Project Description


The interior construction of the original building was totally demolished including mechanical and electrical systems.  The exterior wall was retained however new brick panels were applied to allow window openings to be added without concern for matching the existing brick, which was no longer available.  Interior construction is new throughout.

Suite-type specialty departments as well as a health club share a common lobby.  A full range of medical services are provided including a new Open MRI diagnostic imaging suite used in conjunction with the Sports Medicine department.  The Sports Medicine department also shares locker and shower facilities with the private health club.

Retail areas for pharmacy and eye wear are included to support the specialty physicians.

The primary challenge of the project was to present a new identity for the facility, while working within the confines of the original building to provide a functional plan to accommodate nearly 25 caregivers.

The clinic remained fully operational during the second phase of the project during which an additional 12,000 square feet was added and 6,000 square feet of the original project was remodeled due to program changes for the client. 

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