United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church
Nevada, Iowa
Completion Date
December 15, 2006
Project Size
5,286 sf
A Facility Assessment and Feasibility Study to address the efficiency and effectiveness of church staff, accessibility for all, and plans for future growth, formed the beginning for this project.  A new grade level main entrance and lobby were added with elevator access to the six different levels of the current building.

Project Description

Northeast View



A new church office space is now easily accessible from the church entry.  Enlarging the chancel space allowed seating to be moved and expanded, providing a 25% increase in seating within the existing sanctuary.

The existing balcony was completely removed and rebuilt further back in the sanctuary to make the worship space feel more spacious.


A new narthex allows for overflow seating. Three dimensional computer modeling was used to work out the connection to the existing education wing and communicate the design to the congregation.

The conceptual design was presented to the congregation and approved in November 2003.

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