Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Remodel

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Remodel
Ames, Iowa
Completion Date
August 13, 2009
Project Size
21,000 sf
After several years of planning, the remodeling of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at Iowa State University in Ames hit full stride with demolition starting two weeks before members left for summer break.

Project Description

Living Room North

What started out as a project to improve life-safety by providing automatic fire sprinklers throughout the house eventually grew into a multi-faceted whole-house interior remodeling.  The building, as is typical with many fraternities and sororities, is made up of the original building and two later additions.

The original building heating system was not providing adequate heat and no insulation in the exterior walls of this portion of the structure only made matters worse.  New boilers, piping and modern cast iron radiators were installed throughout the house.  Exterior wall insulation and improved attic insulation were also provided.

Living Room South

The interior walls were demolished down to the existing framing to allow for installation of new drywall wall finishes.  High-impact gypsum board was utilized in high-traffic areas and sound-deadening gypsum board along with sound batt insulation was installed in sound sensitive areas. New flooring, lighting and wall finishes throughout make the house feel new again.

While most of the work was on the interior, some exterior work also took place.  Old, inefficient windows were replaced in the third floor cold sleeping dorm to complement the new replacement windows already in place.  An exterior fire escape from this space was removed and the dormer resided.

The main entry stairs and the northeast entry stairs were in need of replacement and were rebuilt during the project.